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About Stacie...

A passionate, successful marketing professional with graphic, web design and animation experience. NYC resident.


I've been making commercials since I was 11 years old. My first was for "Hair-O-Matic," the instant hair growth miracle cream. Next came the almighty "Chop-O-Wave (a made up high-speed electical chopping box for fruits and veggies)." Quite comical. I love to laugh. Wish I knew where these videos were.


Experience: graphic advertisements, marketing material creations, logo design, cartooning, 3D modeling/animations, video edits/special effects, photography/photo touch ups, web design, content management system, web site analysis.


Specialty: Continuously creating customer centric experiences through intentional listening ( you may have noticed, intentional listening is a rarity).


Professional goal: to ensure 100% satisfaction with each and every client for each and every project.


Personal goal: to raise enough money to retire with an alpaca farm and animal rescue: providing food, shelter and love to mistreated animals while searching for permanent rehabilitating homes for them.


Hobbies: reading and quoting motivational and self-help/personal growth books (a little self-help never hurt anyone), learning joomla, html5, exercise (I'm a Curves Complete Coach for women), nutrition, travel (California, Spain, Madagascar + Thailand..coming soon), socializing, volunteer work for, re-charging on love with my 3 Chihuahua babies, family time + more!


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